I can sell a lot of books myself. Do I need to self publish?

It’s a great question. Self publishing used to have a stigma about it that doesn’t necessarily exist anymore. It is pretty hard to get a publishing contract and as such, many authors are forced into self publishing.

If you’re a pastor, ministry leader, a speaker, or you have your own platform, then self publishing is viable.

The key though is in the quality of production, and this is where many self published books let not only the author down, but that of the entire market.

Books are special. They hold significant value to the reader. Think of the renaissance of vinyl records and the significance they hold. That is what a book is like to a reader.

All this to say that books need to be designed accordingly. While printing, distribution and exposure are all essential elements in the success of a book, a good book must start with proper production.

An example is the author who types their book in Word or Pages and saves this as a PDF, then calls this their internal format. Immediately your book will look self published, as formatting of the internal pages in a design program is actually an integral part of the publishing process.   

Ghost Publishing allows you to get all of the benefits of self publishing, with the support of an established publishing house.