I can easily write and produce books, but I need a publishing partner…

Then you’ve come to the right place. That is exactly why we created Ghost Publishing.

We clearly recognized among many pastors that we work with that many want to continue to build their own ministry brand. This mattered to them more than being with a publishing house.

Some want the publishing imprint, and we are more than happy to offer that through Ark House. Others, on the other hand, are trying to brand their own ministry.

The reality is for those with a large platform, either on social media or from speaking engagements, they will do most of the sales. If you are in this basket, your profile draws the crowd and as such, you want to keep the publishing profits in your pocket.

Whichever way you go, your books need to be designed so they have the look of a publishing house and not like you went to a self publisher. That’s where we come in to play.

We touched on this in our blog on self publishing. Quality production is non-negotiable for any author in this incredibly competitive market.

So no matter which way you go, don’t skimp on design. Books are in fact judged by their cover – and their internal layout too. You have taken so long to write the content, so don’t ruin the all-important last part.